Frequently Asked Questions


Can I join Scuba-Doo if I am not a strong swimmer?
Yes, you will be driving with Scuba-Doo, so that you do not need to swim at all.

What is the age limit for Scuba-Doo?
Anyone over the age of twelve can ride Scuba-Doo. No matter how old you are, everyone is invited to join the amazing reef experience as long as the medical form can be done.

Can I try Scuba-Doo with my contact lenses or glasses?
Yes, your head will be staying inside the Scuba-Doo helmet, it allows you to wear your contact lenses or glasses with you in the water.

How to drive Scuba-Doo?
Very easy to drive. Scuba-Doo is using a fully enclosed electric motor with a top speed of 2.5 knots. The machine is driven by an aircraft-style steering wheel with one button on your right hand side. Scuba-Doo will be moving forward when you press the button.

How can I breath in the water?
You are seated on your Scuba-Doo, with your head and shoulders in a 180 degree water free clear dome and your air is constantly being replenished from a scuba tank, enabling you to breathe normally.

How can I take photos underwater?
You are allowed to bring your waterproof camera with you during the underwater trip. Also, the professional underwater photographer will be taking photos of you.

What should I do if I feel sick during the Scuba-Doo trip?
You will be taught how to communicate by using hand signals after you complete the medical form. Scuba-Doo’s professional diving instructor will be looking after you at all times during your underwater journey.

How long does the Scuba-Doo trip take?
20 minute guided tour.

Any enquiry regarding the cruise information, please see Great Adventures FAQ.